The Lucky Green Smoothie

I love this Lucky Green Smoothie for several reasons (and if you watched my Facebook Live video yesterday, you saw that my kids do too!).

Most importantly, it is healthy, tasty, quick, and super easy to make (those are my main criteria for most things that I make). Secondly, it’s got greens in it, which are so nutritionally dense, and sometimes challenging to get kids to eat. We sometimes call this a “Monster Smoothie” which makes it even more enticing for them:) Thirdly, it has lots of fibre from the hemp hearts (which also add some protein), and the ground flax seeds. As you have probably heard me say many times before, it is always good to include protein, fibre, and healthy fats in our meals and snacks to help slow down digestion. This keeps us feeling full longer, and stops our blood sugar from quickly rising and then crashing. To increase the protein content even more, you could add a protein powder of your choice to the smoothie.

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Here's the recipe, in case you didn't catch it during the video:)

•3/4 cup Frozen Mango
•1 Lime (juiced)
•1 cup Baby Spinach (packed)
•1 tbsp Ground Flax Seed
•2 tbsps Hemp Seeds
•1 3/4 cups Water
 - Blend it all together and enjoy!



Dr. Jennifer, ND


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