Healthy Living Lessons I have Learned from Visiting Germany...

If you follow me on Facebook (Jennifer Haessler), you know that I have been travelling with my husband, 3 kids, and my parents in Germany for the last few weeks. We have been having an amazing time - we have seen some beautiful places, visited where my dad and his family are from, reconnected with several family members, and our kids have been even better travellers than we expected:).  I thought I would share with you some of the healthy living lessons that I think we can learn from the Germans. 

1. They have awesome breakfast options, even on the go - lots of good quality sources of protein (meat, cheese and eggs), bakery made whole grain breads, fresh fruit, and  muesli.  Even the pancake the hotel made for us to enjoy was mostly eggs with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on it ️. 

2. The layout of the towns and cities encourages being active. It's not unusual to see people of all ages, including seniors biking around.  Many of them take biking holidays, and many hotels have "bed and bike" options.  This is partly easier because towns and cities are so much closer together - 80 million people live in Germany, which is close to three times the population of Canada, in an area less than a third of the size of Ontario!  The park options for kids are really amazing too, which we have made good use of. 

3. They have a better work-life balance. In Germany, vacation time is typically 6 weeks a year!  It is also more common to see cafes where people sit to enjoy a coffee. 

4. People do just fine with smaller houses and cars. Since there are so many more people living in a smaller area, there isn't the space for many people to live in huge houses and drive big cars and trucks. Gas is also double the price, so that makes them even more conscious of how efficient their homes and cars are. They still live very comfortably though. 

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