Are you finding healthy summer eating more difficult too?

I'm going to be totally honest with all of you - being 29 weeks pregnant and keeping up with 3 kids who are all home for the summer has been tough for me!

I know I feel better when I eat cleaner, but finding the energy and the time to make the foods has been tougher for me lately. I'm sure that many of you can relate to feeling the same.

Tonight was soccer night, so it makes for a dinner time crunch to get everyone fed and out the door for 5:15. I made this Chickpea Salad with cucumbers, green onions, and a homemade dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lime juice, salt and pepper. I wasn't super hungry, but knew I needed more, so I had some flax bread with smushed avocado, tomatoes and a bit of salt and pepper. It was super easy, fulfills my higher protein and healthy fat requirements, and was delicious! As a bonus, I'm going to enjoy the leftovers for my lunch tomorrow at work 👍. (Since I'm being totally honest - everyone else in my family had store bought pizza and raw veggies😃).

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