My Favorite Supplements

I often get asked what supplements people should take.  That isn’t a question my licensing regulations allow me answer for each individual without doing a full in-office intake to make sure that my recommendation is appropriate.  What I can share with you though are the most common supplements that I suggest to patients, and that I take myself.  

My top 3 supplements to consider are:

  1. Vitamin D – I have done a past video about this alone.  I really believe that living in Canada, this is something that almost everyone needs.  In all of my years of checking patients’ blood levels, I have only seen one patient with high levels, and it wasn’t due to supplementation.  Many people have suboptimal levels though.  Vitamin D helps with reducing inflammation in the body, boosting mood and energy, and keeps your immune system strong.

  2. Fish Oil – it is hard to get enough omega 3 fatty acids from your diet, so supplementing really helps to keep levels optimal.  The active ingredients in fish oil are EPA and DHA, and they make up the outside membrane of almost every cell in your body, so they help with pretty much everything. I have really seen them make a difference in skin health, hormone balance, mental health, and reducing inflammation (lots of studies have shown that having enough omega 3 fatty acids reduces cardiovascular disease risk).

  3. Probiotic – there is much ongoing research showing that gut health is really important to your overall health, and I definitely see this clinically as a Naturopathic Doctor.  Many of my patients come in for help with digestive issues, but even when that isn’t their main concern, digestion is often the root of other health problems.  By following the 3R’s (removing food sensitivities, repairing the leaky gut, and replacing with good bacteria), many health issues like headaches, join pain, digestive problems, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and fatigue can improve.  Taking a probiotic has been shown to help decrease the frequency and duration of people getting sick.  

So there you have it!  In addition to a few things specific to me, I am currently taking all of these during my pregnancy, as they have good research to show that they are beneficial to baby’s health.  If you are wondering what supplements you should take, and the optimal doses for you, I recommend that you see a Naturopathic Doctor, or other suitably trained health professional in this area.  Thanks so much for watching!  Please share this video with anyone else you feel could benefit from this information.