The Choices I Have About How I Think About My Changing Body...

I listened to a powerful "Glambition" podcast (link to listen is in the comments) on the weekend interviewing the creator of the Body Image Movement. It was about accepting and loving your body, however it may look, and focusing instead on fueling, moving, and treating it in a way that makes you feel best.

I can be critical of my pregnant body. My boobs are too big, my cute little belly button has become a big outey, and my legs have veins on them that may never go away. At the same time, I love being pregnant, and am constantly amazed that my body is capable of growing another human (4 times!). I have a choice of what I choose to focus on, and what message about my body I want to pass down to our children, especially our daughter.

That is a big motivation for why I created my "Your Best Life" online program. I purposely have chosen not to make weight loss the focus of it. While that is a nice side effect for many participants, I want women to learn how to move and feed their mind and body so that they can feel AND look their best. And your best is different from everyone else's best.

I want to move away from the focus of feeling we need to look a certain way. Being thin and grumpy because we are feeling deprived and don't have any energy isn't any fun at all!

That's why I created a program that has 5 weeks of delicious, healthy meals plans. Why I promote a realistic 80/20 approach to clean eating. Why I what to share my top tips as a Naturopathic Doctor that I feel are essential to helping women feel great.

Does this sound like something for you? The next group starts Tuesday, August 8, and I would love to have you be part of it! The link is below.

P.S. I love this picture! Yesterday while we were at tennis, our little lady laid down and starting talking to the baby. All of the kids are so excited to meet him soon! And all of them think my outey belly button is awesome:)

Your Best Life starting August 8th!