Nutty Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Squares Recipe + September Sign Ups!


I did a video with our little lady a few weeks ago while we were making these amazing Nutty Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Squares, but then I forgot to post the recipe afterwards. So, after having it requested by a few people ... here it is!

This recipe is part of the delicious brand new fall meal plan I have put together for the next "Your Best Life" group which starts September 5. I am limiting enrollment for this month given that I want to make sure that the group still gets all of the attention I like to give, and I don't know when this baby is going to arrive (my due date is September 24, so it may not be until October!). Any of my past and current group participants can vouch that I am always very responsive to any questions that pop up. And I know that even if the baby arrives, breastfeeding will give me ample time to be able to continue doing that.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get into a healthy fall routine!! The link to join below!