What You Sit On Matters To Your Health!

Anthrodesk Wobble Chair.png

Do you spend a lot of time sitting each day?

The reality is that many of us have jobs and lifestyles that lead us to sit a whole lot more than we ideally should be. As I have mentioned before in a previous blog post, sitting has been called the new smoking, and can contribute to negative effects on your health. We are meant to move as part of a healthy lifestyle, so what can we do to incorporate more of that into real life?

I recently had the opportunity to try out an AnthroDesk Wobble Chair at home. This sturdy chair has a slightly unstable base, so it engages your core while sitting on it. It has a little lever to adjust the height, making it easy to use with the height of any surface, including the sit-stand desk (AnthroDesk has those as well!). 

It definitely made me aware of how I was sitting, and improved my posture compared to sitting in my usual office chair.  I like that the subtle adjustments I had to make when I made any movements are a way to increase my activity while working.  I know that when I feel good I am able to be more productive with the time I spend working, which a great added bonus. 

So tell me, have you heard of a Wobble Chair before?  What has your experience been?